Crouch End - Joakim OConnor Construction

New start in Crouch End

The loft space of this top floor flat was utilitised to create a master suite on on side and a double height living and entertaining space on the other.


A new roof structure had to be created to replace the old one.  The steels were coated with an intumiscent paint and incorporated into the industrial design.

Hidden laundry shoots, utility room and an office space allow the space to appear clean and spacious, whilst hidden doors in the concrete panelled wall hide all the plant and utilities.

A couple that decided to redevelop rather than move from the place they love.


Quantity surveying
Project management

Crouch End - Joakim OConnor Construction

Imagination, not compromise

Developing a new place in an old space requires imagination. We’re always happy to work with the client and architect to explore all possibilities.

Crouch End - Joakim OConnor Construction

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